Engine Overhauling Service

More extensive rebuilding is considered a major engine overhaul, and this requires the whole engine to be lifted from the chassis, so it can be thoroughly taken apart. Every nut, bolt and removable part is cleaned and replaced with new, original factory engine parts. So, a complete engine overhaul is more expensive than an in-chassis rebuild, for obvious reasons – the engine must be removed from the chassis, however, you vehicle’s engine will function like new or better. Engine upgrades often require some level of engine rebuilding, in this regard it is quite common.

This is why many people rebuild their vehicle’s engines every few years, especially for car enthusiasts who care very much how well their cars sound, function and look. An engine rebuild can make your engine look good enough to compete in car shows, but most folks just want their vehicles to be dependable and run their best, and that is exactly what a car engine overhaul can do to your car’s engine.

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