Rubbing and Polshing:

Polishing your Car will help to extend the life and beauty of the paint and exterior. it completely revitalizes the car’s exterior finish.It removes a fine layer of your car’s paint to get rid of scratches and other imperfections. 

It is recommended for use to remove scratches and oxidized coating for all types of vehicle paint finish. The compound abrasives the surface smooth and peel free and makes it suitable for polishing. Polishing is usually done by machine or by moving a polishing pad with your arm. Like most other products used while detailing, it is most common to use a tool to apply the product. In many cases, this is a sponge type tool. However, just like you can apply wax by hand, it is possible to apply polish by hand. The hand itself is used as a type of polishing pad.

Car Detailing:

Car detailing is a comprehensive cleaning procedure for the interiors as well as the exteriors of your car that attends to stubborn stains, making your car look as good as new. Car Detailing have two method exterior detailing and interior detailing .In exterior detailing We are begin form exhaustive exterior wash to car paint , in interior  car detailing, We are begin from  all of the upholstery inside the car to car engine was checked and cleaned by our professional team our team adding the finishing touches in all the corners of the car’s body and exterior as well as interior trim to make the entire car sparkle.

Car Wrapping:

By applying large panels of vinyl to your car, you can change its colour to create a totally new and refreshed look. Europa Car Care providing  FULL Vehicle Vinyl Wrapping (excluding door shuts), supplying our customers an opportunity to customize their vehicle the way they desire.When you get fed up with your colour you can simply remove the wrap, returning the vehicle back to its original condition if necessary.


Interior dry cleaning:

We deep clean your car interiors and perform car wash to sanitize and create a healthier & germ free environment for you and your family. It involves Dashboard, Seats, Roof, Seat Belts, Mats and much more Explore more with, from car was to dry cleaning, service to maintenance, dent to paint, exterior to interior cleaning, car care to spa, we have everything you may probably need for your vehicle